Peace at Last

We listened to the story ‘Peace at Last’ we thought about what Mrs Bear may have dreamed about when she was asleep and what we might wear to bed at night…


Questions for Mr Bear…




This week we have been reading the story ‘We’re going on a Bear Hunt’ we thought of the things we would like to ask the bear if he came to see us, here are some of them…

Lauren – Do you go in the shower?

Millie – Would you like to come to school to have a tea party?

Alexis – What food do you like to eat?

Lily – Do you eat with a knife and fork?

Mikolaj – How do you move around?

Betsy – What do you like to eat?

Summer – Can you talk? How do you talk?

Noah – When do you sleep?

Zachary – Do you brush your teeth?

Beth – How do you wash your hair?

Rhys – Do you eat people?

Kuba – Do you chase people?

Alexis – Do you go to work?

Ollie – Would you like to come to my house to play spiderman games?

Mason – Do you like bananas?


Irish Dancing


We used the internet to look at some people Irish dancing, here are some of the things the children said..

Tyler – “It’s really fast.”

Stevie – “It’s like tap dancing.”

Zach – “They move their legs really quickly.”

Alexis – “I like the dance.”

Mason “Their feet make a noise.”

Ollie – “I can dance.”

We all had a go at Irish dancing, we had to move our legs really quickly, it was a good way to excercise, we all got really hot…

Check out our website to see our fabulous routine…

Northern Ireland

We looked on our globe to see where Northern Ireland is in the world…

We learnt that Belfast is the name of its Capital City and that if we wanted to travel to Northern Ireland we would have to cross the Irish Sea, we talked abut ways we might get there, by aeroplane, boat and ferry, some of our children decided a helicopter would be a good way to travel and Millie suggested we travel by submarine…

VLUU P1200 / Samsung P1200

What I would like to find out about Northern Ireland


We asked the children in Blossom Class what they would like to find out about Northern Ireland, here are some of their questions…

Zachary – How do they talk?

Millie – What do they eat?

Maisie – What are their houses like?

Summer – What do they like to drink?

Rhys – Do they have farms?

Maddison – Where do they buy food?

Lilia – Do children have schools?

Alexis – Do they like to go to the pub?

Mikolaj – What names do they use?

Noah – Do they have birthday parties?

Kuba – Do they drink milk?

Lilly – Where do they get water from?

Lauren – Do they like fish?

Stevie – How do they eat? Do they use knifes and forks, chopsticks?

Tyler – Are there any special places they like to visit?

Mitchell – Where do they go to the toilet?

Sophia – Is their money the same as ours?

Mason – What do they like to do in their spare time?




Blog the Euros

Blossom Class are really excited to have been given Northern Ireland as our team for ‘Blog the Euros’… Over the next few week we will be learning all about Northern Ireland, following their progress in the competition ( as well as supporting England) keep checking our blog to see what we have been doing…